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Corcoran Expands Florida Footprint to Sarasota and St. Petersburg

NEW YORK, NY – January 12, 2022 - 

Corcoran Group, LLC today announced its continued expansion in Florida by welcoming its newest affiliate in Sarasota and St. Petersburg, Corcoran Dwellings, led by Liane Jamason and Marc Rasmussen. The announcement, made by Pamela Liebman, President and CEO of The Corcoran Group, is the firm’s first affiliate launch of the new year.

From the broad beaches of its barrier islands to the vibrant cultural landscape of its downtown core, Sarasota offers an unparalleled array of opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Just recently, U.S. News and World Report named Sarasota as the best place to retire in 2022. Comparably, St. Petersburg is the 5th largest city in Florida known for its youthful atmosphere, historic...

New Downtown St. Petersburg Highrise Condo

New Downtown St. Pete Condo Starts Selling - Residences at 400 Central

Residences at 400 Central St. Petersburg, FL

Are you looking to get in early on a new downtown St. Pete condo development? Take a look at Residences at 400 Central. Have you noticed the large fenced parcel of land on Central Avenue? This is where the Red Apple Group will build the the new Residences at 400 Central. It is set for completiong in approximately the first quarter of 2025.

Prices of Residences of 400 Central

Available Inventory SF Range...

Good News For Florida! Covid-19 Hasn't Decimated the Real Estate Showings!

How badly did Covid-19 hit the real estate market?

Great question. A question we have been asked a lot lately. The investors/bottom feeders come out of the wood work when they smell a little blood in the water. 

It is still too early to forecast what impact Covid-19 has had on the real estate market. I do have some good news to report. Below are three charts displaying showing volume for North America, New York and Florida.

Naturally, with the quarantine, there are just going to be fewer real estate showings. The above chart displays the showings across North America for the Showing Time service. They handle quite a few of the showing appointments for real estate brokers. Not all real estate brokers use this service so it does not display all showings. However, they do have a good sample size for statistical purposes. 


Note from DWELL Real Estate about Real Estate and COVID-19

To Our Friends, Clients and Colleagues,

First and foremost, we want to send our love and support during this difficult time. The global COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most challenging things we have had to face as an industry, community and country. While we tread through these unchartered waters it is important not to panic and that we tackle this challenge together as a community.

DWELL Real Estate is proud to have been part of the Sarasota and Tampa Bay communities for many years. Our seasoned and expert agents have seen many different types of real estate markets. From boom to bust and everything in between. We will continue to provide you with useful real estate market statistics and updates.

Fortunately, the real estate market is less vulnerable to irrational, panic selling than the financial markets. In a world of uncertainty one thing hasn’t changed and that is everyone needs a place to live and Florida is still an attractive place to live, work and play.  After...

Top 25 Beaches in the United States and World

Trip Advisor came out with their list of the top 25 beaches in the United States. Florida is fortunate to take 8 of the 25 spots. Our very own Siesta Key Beach was ranked #1 and St. Pete Beach came in at #2 and Clearwater Beach ranked #5. Here are the original Trip Advisor articles:



Tampa, St. Pete Among Most Affordable Big Cities in Florida

A recent report by SmartAsset ranked Tampa and St. Petersburg among the six most affordable big cities in Florida.

To compile the rankings, SmartAsset looked at the closing costs, real estate taxes, homeowners insurance and mortgage rates for every city with a population over 200,000. Those data points were used to create an affordability index. The full methodology can be found here.

Tampa ranked as the third most affordable big city in the state with an affordability index of 39.14. The city ranked in the middle of the pack for all data points, helping it place at No. 3.

St. Pete landed one spot...

Neighborhood Choices: To Go Deed-Restricted or Not?

How do you feel about matching mailboxes? How about cars parked in lawns?

Questions like this may seem silly but are very important as choosing a neighborhood you feel comfortable with is one of the first steps of the home-buying process. Your Realtor will help you narrow down areas that may be a fit for you, and one of the main criteria we use is whether you prefer to be in a neighborhood with deed restrictions or not. For the purposes of this discussion we will focus on only single-family homes. It is a safe assumption that 99% of condos in our area rank HIGH on the Restrict-o-Meter.

Other areas of the country do not necessarily have this differentiation, and if they do it is often not as pronounced as it is here in St. Petersburg...

What Does Flood Insurance Cost in St. Petersburg?

Flood insurance cost in St. Pete, FLWe Realtors are often asked by prospective home buyers about flood insurance rates in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I am sure we will get asked even more now that hurricane Irma hit the state of Florida. There is no easy answer to this question. 

There are many horror stories when it comes to the cost of flood insurance in Florida. We are just talking about flood insurance here and not general homeowners insurance. They are seperate policies.

All of Florida is a Flood Zone

People frequently get confused about this. The entire state of Florida is in a flood zone. Yes you read that correctly. Even the highest point in the state, Britton Hill at 345 feet above sea level is in a flood zone. Home buyers often...

Kiplinger: 7 Great Places to Retire in Florida

Kiplinger's Original Article

Every day Florida's population swells by more than 1,000 people, many of them retirees relocating for the second halves of their lives. There's little mystery why: Even in the coldest months of the year, the average daily high is at least 70 degrees, and the temperature rarely dips below 50 in the Sunshine State.

Florida is also one the most tax-friendly states in the country for retirees. There's no state income tax, and permanent residents are eligible for a homestead exemption of up to $50,000, which lowers their real estate taxes. Seniors may qualify for an additional exemption.

But Florida is a big, diverse state, too, with plenty of pleasant cities and towns on both the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, or inland (central Florida has lots of lakes, and...

Check Out These 11 Contemporary/Modern Homes For Sale

Are you a fan of mid century modern, modern or contemporary style homes? The builders in Sarasota, Florida are very busy filling the demand for home buyers of this style. St. Petersburg builders/home buyers seem to also love the mid century modern, modern or contemporary style as well. Take a drive by the condos and single family homes under construction and you will see this style throughout. Many people appreciate the simplicity, clean lines and minimalistic feel of this style. I also believe that so much of our new construction comprised of Spanish-Mediterranean style for 15+ years that people were welcoming a change from that style. 

Below are 11 contemporary/modern homes for sale. They are in no particular order. Click on the address to view more photos.