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Estimating St. Petersburg Property Taxes

We often get asked the question from potential buyers, "What will my property taxes be if I buy this property?" Many Realtors will say that a good rule of thumb in estimating St. Petersburg, Florida property taxes is 1.0%-1.5% of the value of the property. 

Is this true?

Fortunately, for those thinking of purchasing in Pinellas county the Property Appraisers office has a useful tool to help you estimate what the taxes will be on a property. Check out this tool. I wrote a similar article today about Sarasota county here and their property appraisers office does not provide an equivalent tool. 


Just Sold in St. Petersburg, FL

Below are recently sold homes and condos in St. Petersburg, Florida that DWELL Real Estate was fortunate enough to be involved in this year. We were a little late in blogging this information so many of our sales are not here. We are only mentioning these sales to help educate you on the local real estate market (not to be braggadocious ;-)). 

If you are thinking of buying or selling in St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Bradenton, Sarasota, Bradenton, Bellaire, Clearwater, Downtown St. Pete, Indian Rocks Beach, Largo, Madeira Beach, Old Northeast...

St. Pete Beach vs. Clearwater Beach - Where Do You Belong?

St. Pete Beach vs Clearwater Beach

Since DWELL expanded from Sarasota north to our sister-city St. Petersburg early this year, we have been interacting much more frequently with buyers looking to be closer to Tampa in the vibrant area of St. Pete/Clearwater. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between the small beach towns of St. Pete Beach & Clearwater beach, so you can find the place that’s best for you!


4 Quirky Houses in Tampa Bay

For the person who shuns the standard three-bedroom, two-bathroom ranch house, here are some quirkier homes you might want to check out.

TAMPA BAY, FL -- For the person who shuns the standard three-bedroom, two-bathroom ranch house, here are some quirkier homes you might want to check out.

2917 Sunset Way - St. Pete Beach

4 Quirky Homes For Sale in Tampa BayThe Alamar is a custom-built, three-story waterfront home on Pass-A-Grille Beach in St. Petersburg that was designed with a modern flair by renowned Florida architect Michael Dedmore. This five-bedroom, 5,915-square-foot house was...

A Guide to the 203k Home Renovation Loan

Your 203k Loan GuideA 203k loan is a loan granted by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) to be used for homes in a state of disrepair at the time of purchase. To qualify for traditional FHA financing, the stipulations state that the property must be in livable condition. If this isn't the case, the FHA offers a 203k loan to give buyers another option. These loans are seen as a way to bring older homes (and hopefully the surrounding community) back from the dead by giving people the resources they need to restore them.

What is the 203k Loan Used...

The VA Home Loan Process: 4 Things Every Buyer Must Know

VA Home Loans: Four Important Facts Every Home Buyer Needs to KnowWith home mortgage interest rates still very low, today's home buyers have many excellent home loan options available to them. But for those who meet the military service qualifications, the VA home loan option continues to provide a very affordable path to home ownership. If you are shopping for a home and wondering which mortgage you should choose, here are four important facts about the VA home loan program that will help you decide if it is the right choice for your buying situation.

VA Home Loans are a Zero Down Mortgage Option

Designed to make becoming a ...

Is an FHA Loan a Good Choice?

Is an FHA Loan a Good Choice?Not everyone can put aside 20 percent of the purchase price of a home to use as a down payment. This is one reason for the popularity of the FHA loan. This product has become useful for those homeowners who may have had previous credit issues or who can afford a smaller down payment. In such a case, homeowners may step into their first home with a down payment as small as 3.5 percent with an FHA loan.

When getting approved for conventional home financing is not an option, there are a variety...

How to Get Approved for a Conventional Mortgage

How to Get Approved for a Conventional MortgageThose who have a good credit score may want to go the route of applying for a conventional home mortgage. There are many types of mortgage loan products available to those who want to purchase a home, including FHA and VA loans. A conventional mortgage loan may be a reliable product for those who can establish sufficient equity with a significant down payment.

It is important to discuss all specific options to taking out a mortgage loan with a lender prior to applying for any specific loan, such as a conventional mortgage loan. Learn more about requirements associated with a conventional mortgage...

Six Major Problems Home Inspectors Look For During Evaluations

Six Major Problems Homes Inspectors Look For During EvaluationsPotential buyers and sellers should both very interested in what home inspectors look for when performing their rounds throughout the property. After all, major home inspection problems can equivocate to big bucks when it comes down to repairs and replacements. This quick home inspection guide informs home shoppers of the most important aspects of a licensed home inspector's checklist.

Inspectors Get to the Root of Foundation Condition

Serious foundation issues can be rather costly...

St. Petersburg Condo Fees Explained

When people consider purchasing a condo in St Petersburg Florida the first question they usually ask is “what exactly is covered in the condo fees?” The answer is quite a lot!  Below is a list of the most common items paid for with condo fees. Every condo is different of course but the items listed below are almost universally included in Florida condominium association community fees.

Southwest Florida Property For Sale

  1. Insurance on the building. All you pay for separately is insurance on the inside of the unit if you choose to purchase that extra insurance.
  2. Flood insurance on the building. Again, if you want flood insurance on the inside of your unit and your contents, you could purchase extra insurance for that.
  3. Insurance for the association and public areas of the condominium.
  4. Grounds maintenance,...