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How Selling a Vacation Home Is Different From Selling a Primary Residence

Differences Between Selling a Vacation Home and A Primary ResidenceFinancially and logistically, selling a vacation home is different from selling a primary residence. Home owners who would like to sell their vacation property must understand and be prepared for these differences. These tips can help make the home selling process clearer and easier to understand.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a certified tax expert before proceeding with any real estate transaction....

6 Curb Appeal Tips for Home Sellers

How to Boost Curb AppealThe first steps toward selling a home beyond consulting with an agent and determining a price point all start with assessing a home's overall appeal to buyers. Curb appeal is something that home sellers think about a lot, and with good reason. Boosting curb appeal can help increase the sale price of a house, or may even lead to a faster sale. These tips will help home sellers improve their home's curb appeal and make their house more marketable to buyers.

Open Curtains


How to Show a Home: Steps to Promote a Positive Home Showing

4 Home Showing Tips for the Savvy SellerOnce homeowners have decided to sell their home, the first step any real estate professional will prepare them for is the home showing. Although showing a home is such a crucial part of the home selling process, many sellers may not know how. They need to get the showing aspects as perfect as possible, because they never know when the right buyer will come along. Here are a few tips to make it easier.

Create a Checklist

Selling a home usually involves several home showings before one...

Landscaping Tips for Homeowners: Boost Curb Appeal Today

How to Landscape for Curb AppealA home's landscaping can have a big impact on its curb appeal, which in the long run can improve the overall value of a home and help sell the home faster. The best way to improve landscaping and curb appeal is to promote healthy growth on the lawn and in the garden beds. These tips can help homeowners make their landscaping and their home look more attractive.

Prune Spindly Bushes

Bushes have a way of growing lanky and spindly over time. When this happens, the best way to make the...

5 Strategies To Help Your Home Sell Faster

5 Ways To Help a Home Sell QuicklySometimes, homes can sit on the market for months or even years without selling, and no homeowner wants this to happen to them. But what can homeowners do to help improve their home’s chances of selling quickly? There are actually quite a few things homeowners can do to help boost their home’s chances of finding the right buyer, and here are five of them.

1. Hire a Real Estate Agent

Whether buying or selling, a real estate agent’s help is invaluable. While selling a home, an agent will be...

6 Essential Tips for Preparing to Paint a Room

Six Essential Tips for Preparing to Paint a RoomPainting isn’t as easy as dipping a brush in a can and putting it on the wall. There’s a lot of necessary preparations that many people don’t realize they should be doing when they decide they want to give a room a new look, or help prepare a home seller's staging plan. Here are six tips to keep in mind when painting to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Use the Best Paint Available

With paint, like many things, the cost is directly influenced by the...

How Homeowners Benefit from Using Residential Solar Panels

Residential Solar Panels Save TimeIn addition to reducing monthly energy bills, residential solar panels can continue powering your appliances and lights during times of electricity disruption. Many people living in geographical areas prone to weather extremes rely on solar panels as a backup electricity source. In addition, harnessing ultraviolet light for energy use is a cost-effective, renewable and clean energy source that emits no pollution while significantly reducing a family's carbon-footprint size.

How Do Residential Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels are constructed of individual photovoltaic cells that absorb the sun's radiation and ...

How to Stage Your Home to a Better Sale Price

How To Home Stage Your Way to a Better Sale PriceWhile it may be difficult to say just how much a home sale is affected by its staging (or lack thereof), no one can deny that it plays an active role in how buyers perceive the house. Most buyers aren't looking to spend their savings on a home that may feel unwelcoming or one that will require work from the moment a buyer moves in. While proper staging may not double your home's price, it may be the key to a bidding war that ends in your favor.

Clean and Plan

Staging a Clearwater home is more than gleaming floors and...

4 Things to Know About Capital Gains

Four Things to Know About Capital GainsA capital gain refers to a specific type of appreciation on a security, such as a stock or a home. These gains may or may not be taxed, depending on the circumstances of the home sale. Learn more about when and how they're used if you're planning to sell your home in the near future.

Capital Gains Are Taxed on a Progressive Scale

Taxation rates for capital gains are based on the seller's income. Any additional funds left from the home sale are tacked onto a seller's income and then taxed at the appropriate rates. Those in the lowest brackets are exempt from taxes, those in the middle brackets are...

Tips to Handling Multiple Offers

Multiple Offers - If you are a seller:

Handling multiple offers in St. Petersburg, FL

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur."

The above statement is so true when your home sale becomes complicated. It’s possible you may be faced with multiple competing offers to purchase your property. Each situation is different so there is no one best strategy when handling multiple offers. Sit down with your Realtor and discuss the various options. Here are the more common ones:

  • Just accept the best offer and not mess around with a lot of back and forth negotiation
  • Let all buyers know that there are other offers on the table and tell them to put their best foot forward
  • Make a counteroffer...