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Looking for Turn-Key Furnished Listings? Here are 5 on the Market Now

Whether it's your primary residence, secondary home or seasonal getaway, furnishing a home can be a burdensome task. If you enjoy interior design as a hobby or find enjoyment crafting a space to your taste, comfortably furnishing a home to live in can be a big process. One option buyers can consider when buying a home is to focus your search on "turn-key" properties. These are listings that come equip with many of the interior necessities such as couches, tables, beds and more. They may even include fully stocked kitchens with plates, silverware and cookware. The inventory of listings sold completely furnished is limited so be sure to discuess with your Realtor that you're looking for turn-key properties and request an inventory sheet of everything that comes in the sale. For those interested in properties like this, here are 5 turn-key properties on the market right now that are ready for you to start living your best life.