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How to Get Approved for a Conventional Mortgage

How to Get Approved for a Conventional MortgageThose who have a good credit score may want to go the route of applying for a conventional home mortgage. There are many types of mortgage loan products available to those who want to purchase a home, including FHA and VA loans. A conventional mortgage loan may be a reliable product for those who can establish sufficient equity with a significant down payment.

It is important to discuss all specific options to taking out a mortgage loan with a lender prior to applying for any specific loan, such as a conventional mortgage loan. Learn more about requirements associated with a conventional...

How to Stage Your Home to a Better Sale Price

How To Home Stage Your Way to a Better Sale PriceWhile it may be difficult to say just how much a home sale is affected by its staging (or lack thereof), no one can deny that it plays an active role in how buyers perceive the house. Most buyers aren't looking to spend their savings on a home that may feel unwelcoming or one that will require work from the moment a buyer moves in. While proper staging may not double your home's price, it may be the key to a bidding war that ends in your favor.

Clean and Plan

Staging a Clearwater home is more than gleaming...

4 Things to Know About Capital Gains

Four Things to Know About Capital GainsA capital gain refers to a specific type of appreciation on a security, such as a stock or a home. These gains may or may not be taxed, depending on the circumstances of the home sale. Learn more about when and how they're used if you're planning to sell your home in the near future.

Capital Gains Are Taxed on a Progressive Scale

Taxation rates for capital gains are based on the seller's income. Any additional funds left from the home sale are tacked onto a seller's income and then taxed at the appropriate rates. Those in the lowest brackets are exempt from taxes, those in the middle...

Six Major Problems Home Inspectors Look For During Evaluations

Six Major Problems Homes Inspectors Look For During EvaluationsPotential buyers and sellers should both very interested in what home inspectors look for when performing their rounds throughout the property. After all, major home inspection problems can equivocate to big bucks when it comes down to repairs and replacements. This quick home inspection guide informs home shoppers of the most important aspects of a licensed home inspector's checklist.

Inspectors Get to the Root of Foundation Condition

Serious foundation issues can be rather costly to...