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6 Essential Tips for Preparing to Paint a Room

Six Essential Tips for Preparing to Paint a RoomPainting isn’t as easy as dipping a brush in a can and putting it on the wall. There’s a lot of necessary preparations that many people don’t realize they should be doing when they decide they want to give a room a new look, or help prepare a home seller's staging plan. Here are six tips to keep in mind when painting to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Use the Best Paint Available

With paint, like many things, the cost is directly...

The Best Energy-Efficient Upgrades With High ROI

The Best Energy Upgrades for the MoneyUpgrading for energy-efficiency can be expensive. When done right, it could also have a high return on investment, much like what a home solar panel system. These improvements help to cut costs and energy consumption, and may even increase home value.

Energy Audit

The first thing that most homeowners should consider before making a series of energy-efficient home improvements is an energy audit. An energy audit is a professional ...