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A Beginner's Guide to Down Payments

Homebuyer's Guide To Down PaymentsThe down payment is usually the single biggest factor for how much a person will spend on their home over time. But while most people know that their ideal number should be at least 20% of the total price of the home, fewer and fewer buyers actually have those types of funds amassed at the time of purchase. Add in home inspection costs and property taxes, and it becomes clear why close to 55% of all buyers can't quite hit that number. See what the options are for homeowners who may not be able to put down 20%...

See that huge tower planned for downtown St. Pete? Nevermind

Billionaire John John Catsimatidis, who is redeveloping the 400 block of Central Avenue in downtown St. Petersburg, is pictured last year at the New York City headquarters of his company, Red Apple Group. [SUSAN TAYLOR MARTIN | Times, 2017]

ST. PETERSBURG — Billionaire John Catsimatidis, who famously said St. Petersburg "needs a skyline," still wants to build an impressive tower on the 400 block of Central Avenue.

But it won’t be the tower shown on a blog’s web site this week.

"Fake news," Catsimatidis said Tuesday of the images of a mixed-used tower soaring 52 stories and dwarfing everything else in the city. The blog, St. Pete Rising, got the images from an anonymous source and posted them because they had been done by Hill West, a prominent...

7 Tips For Packing For the Big Move

7 Ways to Prepare for Moving DayWhen it comes to the big move, packing is an equally big job that takes a lot of time and preparation. Fortunately, there’s a few tricks out there for homeowners to use to help make packing a little more manageable. Here are seven tips for packing to move to a new home that any homeowner can use. 

1. Start Packing Early

As soon as the homeowner is sure they’re going to put the home up for sale, they should start packing their things away. Not only does this mean...

5 Strategies To Help Your Home Sell Faster

5 Ways To Help a Home Sell QuicklySometimes, homes can sit on the market for months or even years without selling, and no homeowner wants this to happen to them. But what can homeowners do to help improve their home’s chances of selling quickly? There are actually quite a few things homeowners can do to help boost their home’s chances of finding the right buyer, and here are five of them.

1. Hire a Real Estate Agent

Whether buying or selling, a real estate agent’s help is invaluable. While selling a home, an...

What to Know About USDA Loans

What to Know About USDA LoansIndividuals who cannot make a large down payment and who prefer to live outside of urban areas such as Downtown St. Pete may want to look into USDA home loans. This type of home mortgage product makes homeownership more accessible for those interested in living in rural areas. Approved applicants can put zero down and move into their first home. This is an exciting prospect for many who many not be able to get approved for a conventional home loan.

Understand more about USDA home loans and requirements today.

USDA Home Loan...