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How Selling a Vacation Home Is Different From Selling a Primary Residence

Differences Between Selling a Vacation Home and A Primary ResidenceFinancially and logistically, selling a vacation home is different from selling a primary residence. Home owners who would like to sell their vacation property must understand and be prepared for these differences. These tips can help make the home selling process clearer and easier to understand.

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What to Do When You Discover Unpermitted Work

Steps to Take If You Find Unpermitted Work on Your PropertyEvery county, city or homeowners association have general rules regarding what a homeowner can build on their property. These general rules can be zoning laws, building codes and/or general HOA guidelines. Since a homeowners neighbors often share certain resources, such as plumbing and electricity, local officials have an obligation to look out for the safety of everyone by having these building rules and regulations.

However, not all homeowners know (or possibly care) about building regulations, which is why work that has not been permitted or allowed can often be a common occurrence. For...